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Yuki Tajima
Yuki Tajima

Yukiko Tajima was born and raised in Tokyo. In her mid-20s, she decided she wanted to see another part of the world – not just as a tourist but to live there. And so she moved to the UK. After living there for seven years in the 1990s, she started to rediscover and appreciate her own culture more than ever. Since then she has been involved in many different projects to promote Japanese culture abroad.

"I've never felt bored in Tokyo, and I never will."

What Yuki loves most about Tokyo:

"Streets are clean, train services are frequent and people are polite: these are some of the things that make Tokyo such a liveable city. Also you see seasonal flowers all over the place, which really brightens up any day, and there are so many choices when it comes to finding a restaurant for dinner. I also love how the newest technologies and traditions go hand in hand in Tokyo. I have never felt bored in this city, and I probably never will."

Yuki's perfect day in the city might look like this:

"I would start my perfect day - a sunny Saturday - by browsing books and magazines at the Aoyama Book Center. Then I'd visit the UNU Farmer’s Market: I always enjoy chatting with the farmers, and maybe exchanging some recipes; then I'd get a lunch plate from one of the food trucks. After lunch I'd walk to Sendagaya to have a couple of scoops of ice cream at Kippy’s (one of those scoops will be cinnamon... I just can't resist the flavour). Then I would hop on the Tokyo Metro to Shinjuku San-chome. From the station, I would go to the depa-chika of Isetan to buy a bento box and a piece of Japanese sweets. The perfect end to this day would be to go listen to a Rakugo show (a traditional form of storytelling) at  Shinjuku Suehirotei. And then there's also that other scenario:  spending a whole afternoon in a karaoke box with my friends would be pretty perfect as well."