5 of the most interesting museums in Bangkok

1) National Museum

Founded by King Rama V in 1887, Southeast Asia’s largest museum is housed in a former palace and is full of artefacts that show off the full spectrum of Thai history, from the Ayutthaya and Sukhothai periods to the modern age. You’ll find Thailand’s biggest collection of art and artefacts here, all arranged by subject, ranging from armaments and clothing to palanquins and other pieces central to Thai history and culture.

exterior of National Museum

4 Na Phra That Road, Rattanakosin Island

+66 (0)2 224 1333

2) Muang Boran

Muang Boran is an immense outdoor museum spread over 240 acres on grounds that are sculpted to resemble Thailand. There are over 100 miniature replicas of famous Thai temples or sites here, all of them placed on the grounds in geographic preciseness to their real counterparts. It’s a great place to check out places like Ayutthaya and Sukhothai if you don’t have the time to visit the real thing.

view of ancient city

296/1 Sukhumvit Road, Samut Prakan, Southern Bangkok

+66 (0)2 709 1644


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3) Museum of Counterfeit Goods

This museum houses over 4000 items that infringe on trademarks, patents, and copyrights. Bangkok is infamous for its copied designer goods, pirated items, and more, and the museum tries to dispel the fact that counterfeiting is a victimless crime. As the display is set up in a law firm, you must contact them in advance to schedule a visit.

Museum of Counterfeit Goods

4) Erawan Museum

This over the top museum combines fine and decorative arts to show off Thai culture. A massive 44 metre and 150 ton three-headed copper elephant statue at the gate is a prelude to what’s to come, and the interior boasts sculpture-filled gardens, giant stained glass windows, and a psychedelic style.

ceiling of Erawan Museum

99/9 Moo 1, Bangmuangmai, Samut Prakan Eastern Bangkok

+66 (0)2 308 0305


5) Museum of Siam

Also known as the Discovery Museum. There are many digital exhibits here for interactive learning, making it a great family spot, with a sign at the entrance saying ‘please touch everything’. The museum focuses on the question of what it means to be Thai, tracing the history and ethnography of the country.

exterior of Museum of Siam

4 Sanam Chai Road, Rattanakosin Island

+66 (0)2 225 2777

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