Meet the author Tanja Paar in Vienna

Vienna - Tanja Paar - Foto: Pamela Rußmann
Tanja Paar

Tanja Paar is a freelance writer and journalist. Her first novel, Die Unversehrten, was published by Haymon Verlag in 2018. She wasn't born in Vienna but has been living in the city for over 25 years, and knows every street and winding alley. She also enjoys hiking in the green hills and woods that surround Vienna. You can find her tips in The 500 Hidden Secrets of Vienna. (Foto: Pamela Rußmann)

What Tanja loves most about Vienna

"I love that Vienna is surrounded by greenery: beautiful places for a hike are never far away. But most of all love the strange kind of humour you are surrounded with here. Don't be offended! They don't mean it."

Karmelitermarkt Vienna

Tanja's perfect day in the city might look like this

I live in Leopoldstadt, the historic Mazzesinsel between the Donaukanal and the Donau. It's a cosy historic neighbourhood that's only a 5-minute from the city centre, but there's plenty to see and do just around the corner, so I think I'd spend my perfect day in my own hood. We'd start with a morning bike ride to Karmeliter Markt and enjoy the beauty of the colourful farmers market on a Saturday morning. We' d have a brunch here at Schöne Perle, famous for its yummy Wiener Schnitzel. After that we pass by at Lhotzky Literatur Buffet and have a coffee and buy some books.

Then we'd continue to Wiener Prater and have a walk or a ride on the Wiener Riesenrad, the Ferris wheel at Würstelprater, an old-school amusement park within the park. Then we would take a break at Supersense and have a Polaroid souvenir photo.