5 freelancer favourites in Stockholm

1) Kaffeverket

Working in a cafe is becoming increasingly normal in Stockholm. Kaffeverket, next to Sankt Eriksplan, is a hot spot for many freelancers. Eavesdrop on the people next to you as they are holding casual meetings, watch students work hard or have a peak at one of the many laptop screens while you're enjoying breakfast, lunch or fika.

Kaffeverket bar

Sankt Eriksgatan 88, Vasastan

+46 (0)8 31 51 42


2) Il Caffè

Il Caffè is often referred to as one of Stockholm’s first freelancer cafes. Since 1996, this cafe is the place to go for great coffee, tasty pastries, friendly conversations, an unpretentious atmosphere and an inner courtyard. Nowadays you can find Il Caffè all over Stockholm (and even Los Angeles) but it all started at Kungsholmen.

Stock image of coffee

Bergsgatan 17, Kungsholmen

+46 (0)8 652 30 04


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3) Kaffebar

Kaffebar at Bysistorget is the unofficial go-to for locals in the neighbourhood looking for a place to work. They serve really good coffee, sandwiches, and freshly squeezed juices. They also have internet and several tables with power outlets. Try to go in April/May when the cherry trees outside the window are in full bloom.


Bysistorget 6, Södermalm

+46 (0)76 875 29 92

4) Gast

One of Stockholm’s best-looking cafes is Gast, which opened in 2017. Here iconic Scandinavian chairs in pale wood are combined with a warm palette of pink, apricot and nude. Gast serves healthy salads, juices and hot beverages. The location is great, between the City and Vasastan in front of Observatorielunden.

interior and mirror at Gast bar

Rådmansgatan 57, Vasastan

+46 (0)8 27 02 22


5) Café Pascal

Coffee and sandwich lovers have discovered their own little cafe heaven just one block from busy Odenplan. Café Pascal is run by three siblings and everything here is locally produced, from the coffee to the delicious pastries. The coffee is sourced from carefully selected roasteries and the sandwiches are in a league of their own.

Café Pascal

Norrtullsgatan 4, Vasastan

+46 (0)8 31 61 10


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