5 of the best places to swim in Stockholm

1) Centralbadet

Escape the hustle and bustle in Drottninggatan and slip into a lush oasis. Centralbadet is located in a beautiful and well-preserved art nouveau palace that was built in 1909. Here you can try different types of therapeutic baths along with spa treatments and swim in the pool which has been here since 1904.

interior of the Centralbadet in Stockholm

Drottninggatan 88, Norrmalm

+46 (0)8 545 213 00


2) Långholmen Island

The idyllic island of Långholmen near Södermalm, with a view over Riddarfjärden, is a popular spot for picnics and swimming in summertime. On hot days, the beach can get quite crowded, but it’s great for families with kids. If you prefer to dive off cliffs you will find that there too, as well as a jetty.

boats at Långholmen Island


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3) Sturebadet

Step back in time in the gorgeous spa at Stureplan, which dates from 1885. Sturebadet was built in the art nouveau style by the architect Hjalmar Molin. The 29-degree swimming pool, many saunas, gym equipment and spa treatments make this the perfect getaway to treat your body and mind.

Sturebadet in Stockholm

Grev Turegatan 7, Östermalm

+46 (0)8 545 015 00


4) Hornsbergs Strandpark

The former industrial area in northwestern Kungsholmen has been transformed into the flourishing Hornsberg neighbourhood. There are three long floating piers along the waterfront facing Ulvsundasjön, which are perfect for outdoor swimming and which are very popular with the locals and joggers. The park also has a shower, with solar power heating up the water.

Hornsbergs Strandpark

Hornbergs strand 41, Stadshagen Kungsholmen

5) Storkyrkobadet

Bathhouse enthusiasts will love this hidden gem. Storkyrkobadet, in one of the Old Town’s cobblestone streets, is a well-kept secret located in cellars from the 1750s. The current baths were built in 1932 and the swimming pool and small porcelain baths with a shower above each tub are a charming reminder of the past.


Svartmansgatan 20, Gamla stan

+46 (0)8 20 90 27


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