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Antonia and her husband
Antonia and her husband

Antonia af Petersens grew up in Stockholm and works as a freelance writer and journalist. She has contributed to various Swedish newspapers, web publications and lifestyle magazines. She is the author of the interior book New Nordic Colour (UK). Antonia has lived in several corners of the city since birth: in the historical heart Gamla stan, in the elegant neighbourhood around Humlegården in Östermalm, in cosy Birkastan and in scenic Lidingö at the border to the archipelago. Since 2012 she calls Kungsholmen her home; she loves the boardwalks along the island’s shoreline and the view over
Karlbergs Palace from the apartment.

What Antonia loves most about Stockholm:

"I love that Stockholm is pedestrian-friendly and surrounded by a scenic backdrop of brakish water, lush greenery, picturesque neigbourhoods and contemporary architecture. I also fancy the interesting mix of nordic heritage and global influences reflected in a dynamic range of culture, shopping and dining experiences."

"Stockholm offers such an interesting mix of nordic heritage and global influences, reflected in a dynamic range of culture, shopping and dining experiences."

Antonia af Petersens

Antonia's perfect day in the city might look like this:

"My perfect day would encompass a stop at almost every island of the city. It would start early - like any day at our house - when our baby boy wakes up. My husband would go out to buy bread at one of the nearby sourdough bakeries. After breakfast we'd head towards the city. After crossing Sankt Eriksbron we would stroll along Odengatan, through Vasaparken, checking out Sven Harry’s Konstmuseum before reaching Pom & Flora’s for a second breakfast: we love their seasonal oatmeals and bowls.

On a sunny day we might continue our walk along the lush esplanade of Karlavägen and pass stately Engelbrektskyrkan. We'd take a quick detour to check out the vintage furniture at Dusty Deco before continuing to Karlaplan. There we'd take a right turn at Narvavägen towards Djurgården, and we might grab a fika at Rosendal. If the weather isn’t great we would probably skip the walk to Karlaplan; instead we'd catch the charming vintage tram from Norrmalmstorg to Djurgården and pay a visit to Liljevalchs Konsthall.

After that we'd jump on the ferry to Slussen and stop by my parents or my grandmother in Gamla stan, hoping that any of them can babysit for a few hours. We'd then stroll up Katarinavägen, to the eastern parts of Söder, enjoying the great view along the way. At Nytorgsgatan we would buy some irresistibly cute kids clothes from Betón before continuing to Café Nizza for dinner. If it's not too late we would hopefully have time to end the evening with a cocktail at Corner Club before picking up our son in Gamla stan. Together we'd take the bus back to Kungsholmen and watch some of Stockholm’s most glorious landmarks pass by the window in warm, twilight hues."