Great sleeps in Tenerife

1) Hotel Mencey

Opened in 1950, the Mencey Hotel is one of the city’s symbols. It’s an elegant, glamourous and distinguished hotel where most celebrities who have come to the island, have stayed for the night. Located near La Rambla, it has a spa, top-notch dining, indoor as well as outdoor pools, and extreme comfort.

courtyard of Hotel Mencey

Calle Doctor José Naveiras 38, Santa Cruz

+34 922 609 900

2) Hotel Escuela

More of a business hotel than tourist lodgings, this suits some people better than others. Rooms are very spacious and there’s a modern feel to the place. Its location close to the football stadium allows you to move comfortably around the city without the real need of a car or public transport.

swimming pool at Hotel Escuela

Avenida San Sebastián 152, Santa Cruz

+34 922 847 500

3) B&B Dorotea

This colourful Bed & Breakfast, consisting of five rooms and owned by the Italian couple Luca and Dorotea, couldn’t be better situated: it’s in the middle of the downtown area. Guests are made to feel very welcome. Good beds, quaint clean rooms, a friendly service and a nice breakfast make this place a favourite with many visitors.

room at B&B Dorotea

Calle de Jesús y María 40, Santa Cruz

+34 651 420 835

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