Helping you get the island look in Tenerife

1) Pampling

Living in a warm climate, a personalised T-shirt is an essential element of your wardrobe and your appearance. At Pampling you can either enter the ongoing competition for the most original design with your own personal design, or you can simply buy one of the many existing T-shirts by designers from all over the world.

front view of Pampling store

Calle Castillo 63, local 1, Santa Cruz

+34 922 089 266

2) Mamihlapinatapai

The name of this boutique (known as the world’s most concise word) is part of the vocabulary of the Yámanas Indians in the Land of Fire. It’s a shop that focusses on alternative women’s T-shirts and jewellery compliments brought back from different corners of the globe.

clothing of Mamihlapinatapai store

Calle Teobaldo Power 17, Santa Cruz

+34 922 151 337

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3) Glory Sunglass

Another unmistakable item that is part of the island look is a nice pair of sunglasses. At Glory you will encounter a large variety of the latest models at very modest prices. If you are looking for something different and unique to complete your image, pay them a visit; you won’t be disappointed.

Sunglasses of Glory Sunglass

Centro Comercial Castillo, local 10, Calle Imeldo Serís 64, Santa Cruz

+34 922 243 052

4) Sin Rencor Tattoo

The finishing touch is a colourful tattoo, no doubt about it. With the good fortune of not having to hide under layers and layers of clothing for most parts of the year, there are quite a few good tattoo parlours in Santa Cruz. Pachu is the main artist at Sin Rencor and his successful use of bright colours makes him one of the favourites.

interior of Sin Rencor tattoo parlour

Calle San Lucas 14, Santa Cruz

+34 922 296 014

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