Adventurous hikes in Tenerife

1) 37 different trails

The National Park has an extensive maze of 37 approved and signposted trails, classified into different categories according to the level of difficulty and length. Choose between self-guided or free-of-charge guided hikes. Either call the National Park Office or send an email (teide.maot@gobiernodecanarias. org) to book a guided route in advance or attend the information centres available in the Park for additional information on your chosen walk.

National Park of Tenerife

2) Alto de Guajara

A 2-km linear hike with starting point at Degollada de Guajara (trail 5), including a high level of difficulty and an incline of 325 metres. The Alto de Guajara with its 2715 metres is the highest crest of the caldera’s wall, which almost entirely encircles Mt Teide. Find the ruins of astronomer Jean Mascart’s hut at the summit. This is where he studied Halley’s Comet in 1910.

mountain Alto de Guajara

3) Roques de García

This 3,5-km circular walk, rising 175 metres and classed medium difficulty, surrounds the famous Roques de García. On your way you’ll see the less frequent pahoehoe flows, forming smooth and domed pillow-lavas or twisting ropey lavas. Also enjoy the diverse endemic flora on this trail. Springtime, when the park is filled with all kinds of spectacular

man walking near the Roques de Garcia in Tenerife


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