5 restaurants that vegetarians will love

1) Les Tres a la Cuina

The space could do with a bit of sprucing up but Les tres a la cuina is great for lunch. Although they’ll occasionally serve meat, there’s always a vegetarian option and they’re very creative with soups and salads. Three-course lunch for 10 euros.

Carrer de Sant Lluís 35

+34 (0)93 105 49 47

2) Sopa

Sopa is a big and bright vegetarian and vegan restaurant with macrobiotic influences. Given its name, it’s not a big surprise soup is an important feature on their menu. All soups (e.g. carrot and orange soup, or pumpkin and sweet potato soup) are vegan. A 10 euro lunch menu includes a soup, a salad and a second dish, for example a stew of mijo, vegetables and lentils.

interior of Sopa

3) La Vitamínica de Horta

A typical neighbourhood restaurant gone vegetarian. It’s very relaxed and homely and the lunch menu is worth a detour. They show the different plates in the window, which is convenient for visitors who don’t speak Spanish.

interior of  La Vitaminica in Barcelona

Passeig de Maragall 413

+34 (0)93 357 30 71

4) Cat Bar

The mirrors on the wall turn out to be cat’s eyes. There are drawings of people with animal heads on the walls. Cat Bar is a good example of how you can turn a tiny space into something distinctive. This vegan restaurant is strict about its food choices but does have a weakness for beer: Catalan craft beers, to be exact. A place with a character.

vegetarian food Cat Bar

Carrer de la Bòria 17

+34 693 584 700

5) Pappa Sven

At first you’ll notice the interior (a cross between an old Ikea catalogue and the inside of a dollhouse), but you’ll soon get distracted by the food. This Swedish restaurant is great at herring dishes and salmon. They sell Swedish beer and some other national delicacies. And the thing that will knock you out cold is not the bill but their liquor shots.

Swedish food at Pappa Sven


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