5 irresistible bakeries and other sweet places in Barcelona

1) Hofmann

Hofmann is a school (for cooks and pastry chefs), then a restaurant, a tavern and a bakery. They have astonishing croissants with several fillings and some very beautiful cakes. If you’re visiting around Easter or Christmas, look out for the elaborate chocolate decorations in the shop window.

a pastry from Hofmann Barcelona

2) La Pastisseria

He’s still in his twenties, but Josep Maria Rodriguez has already won the title of ‘World Pastry Champion’. His creations are simply stunning: high-quality ingredients in surprising new shapes, so beautiful you won’t want to break them with your spoon. His shop also sells his book, Sweetology.

La Pastisseria in Barcelona

3) Baluard

Three generations of bakers have worked here and some of the old habits (like using a wood-fired oven) have survived. Baluard is the éminence grise of Barcelona bakeries. The fruit tartlets alone are a reason to visit, and we’ll bet good money you won’t be able to resist the bread either.

Breads at Baluard Barcelona

4) Forn Mistral

The ensaimada is a pastry product from Mallorca; in Barcelona it’s about as common as a croissant. It’s round and snail-shaped and the magic ingredient is saïm. It may interest as well as disgust you to know this is a kind of pork lard. Be that as it may, you have to try an ensaimada, and Bakery Mistral is far and beyond the best place in town for that.

sweets at Forn Mistral

5) La Colmena

Right next to metro stop Jaume I, La Colmena is lying in wait for its next victim, lured in by the stacks of meringues in the shop window. Like the store itself, the candy here looks homey and traditional. No bread, just teethdestroying goodness.

exterior patisseria la colmena

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