5 shops by local fashion designers in Porto

1) Nuno Baltazar

Nuno Baltazar is one of the leading fashion designers in Portugal. At his flagship store and studio in downtown Porto, you’ll find his latest womenswear and menswear collections, which blend an urban industrial look with elegant shapes. Bespoke tailor services are also available, including a made-to-measure service for brides.

shop interior of fashion designer Nuno Balthazar in Porto

2) Katty Xiomara

Born in Venezuela, Katty Xiomara moved to Porto in 1992 at 18 years old to study fashion. Her collections have made it all the way to the Paris and New York Fashion Week circuits. Her playful womenswear creations don’t shy away from vibrant prints, different textures, asymmetry and volume.

Clothing and accessories at Katty Xiomara shop Porto

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3) Anabela Baldaque

Local fashion designer Anabela Baldaque launched her own brand in the late 1980s and was one of the designers present at the first Portugal Fashion event in 1995. Her sophisticated collections tend to focus on unique feminine pieces including dresses, blouses and shirts.

womens' fashion at the Anabela Baldaque store in Porto

Rua do Padre Luís Cabral 1080

+351 93 405 6264


4) Luis Buchinho

Luis Buchinho’s creations stand out for their original knitwear and playful cuts, giving them a modern cosmopolitan look. At his boutique and studio in Rua de Sá da Bandeira, he showcases and sells his collections to a female clientele.

store window of Luis Buchinho's store in Porto

Rua de Sá da Bandeira 812

+351 22 201 2776


5) Maria Gambina

Maria Gambina is a well-established designer from Porto who has also dedicated herself to teaching fashion design, having mentored many of contemporary Portuguese designers. She finds inspiration for her creations in her passion for music. At her store in Foz, she sells her collections and accessories.

bright clothes at Marina Gambina store in Porto

Rua Fonte da Luz 197

+351 91 722 5724

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