5 glorious views in Porto

1) Ponte Dom Luís I

The Dom Luís I Bridge is a double-decker metal arch bridge that spans the River Douro connecting Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia. Both decks are walkable and beautiful. The upper deck not only offers pedestrians more space, but it’s obviously also higher up and provides a spectacular bird’s-eye view of the city.

two boats on the river in Porto and the Ponte Luis bridge in the background

Santa Marinha

2) Jardim do Morro

This small park is located near the upper deck of Dom Luís I Bridge, and at the foot of Serra do Pilar. Its amphitheatre-like green area is one of the best spots in Gaia to enjoy the views of historic Porto and its riverbanks in all its glory, and to understand the city’s geography. A worthy contender for Porto’s best sunset award.

a couple sitting in the Jardim do Morro in Porto

Avenida da República, Santa Marinha

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3) Jardim dos Sentimentos

The ’Garden of Feelings’ was designed by German landscape architect Émile David. It was created in 1860 to enrich the grounds of the Palácio de Cristal. These fairy-tale gardens are filled with romantic paths and details, boasting some of the most spectacular panoramic views of the Douro River and the sea.

a labyrinth-like structure in the grass at the Jardim dos Sentimentos in Porto

Rua da Restauração 116

4) Passeio das Virtudes

‘Pathway of Virtues’ is a small park, which is very popular among young creatives from the local art school. You’ll often see them here enjoying a sundowner. The park has one of the most iconic views of the city over the river and the picturesque rooftops of the old city.


5) Felgueiras Lighthouse

Porto’s emblematic lighthouse is also known as ‘Farol da Foz’, marking the end of the Douro River and the beginning of the Atlantic Ocean. Photography enthusiasts love capturing the dramatic storms here, with huge waves crashing over the lighthouse. On nicer days, walk to the end of the pier to enjoy fabulous views of Foz and Gaia.

waves breaking at the Felgueiras Lighthouse in Porto

Avenida Dom Carlos I

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