5 places to spot street art in Porto

1) Quem és, Porto?


On the exterior of the Gare nightclub, next to São Bento Railway Station, there are 3000 azulejo tiles that from further away read ‘Quem és, Porto?’ (Who are you, Porto?). Upon closer inspection, however, each tile presents an answer. Painted by locals and tourists, the project was led by Porto street artist ±MAISMENOS±, aka Miguel Januário.

street art in Porto called Quem es, Porto made out of azuelejos

Rua da Madeira 182-186

2) Look at Porto

by VHils 

Vhils (Alexandre Farto) creates poetic images in urban spaces by drilling through layers of posters, dirt, and plaster to form bas-reliefs such as portraits. Look at Porto is Vhils’ first piece in a public space in Porto, and according to him, the figure’s eyes are “gazing out poetically towards the city and its old neighbourhoods.”

Look at Porto mural by VHils

Rua da Atafona 6

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3) Half Rabbit

by Bordalo II

In a corner of a building in Vila Nova de Gaia lies a giant rabbit sculpture made from waste and recycled materials such as steel, cans, wood and used tyres. This amazing street art piece belongs to Porto artist Bordalo II. His work is renowned for the social and eco-awareness message it carries.

Half Rabbit street art in Porto

Marina Maliutina

Rua Guilherme Gomes Fernandes 42

4) Mira

by Daniel Eime

Daniel Eime is a Portuguese visual artist and a master in stencil art. If you pass through Miragaia it will be hard not to notice his mural Mira, a large-scale artwork representing a portrait of a local resident.

a big mural called Mira made by Daniel Eime in Porto

Largo de Artur Arcos

5) Electricity Power Boxes

Porto’s City Council challenged creatives to transform Porto’s electricity power boxes into art pieces. You will most likely spot these curious artworks while walking around the city. Try taking a walk along Rua das Flores, Largo São Domingos, Rua de Cedofeita, Rua de Miguel Bombarda and Travessa do Carregal.

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