5 projects in Porto by Eduardo Souto de Moura in Porto

1) Casa das Artes

This emblematic building marks the beginning of Souto de Moura’s career. Located on the grounds of a 1920s private manor house, the newly built ‘House of Arts’ was completed in 1991. Souto de Moura was in charge of renovating the gardens, as well as creating a cultural facility consisting of a cinema, an auditorium, a library and an exhibition room. 

Casa das Artas by Eduardo Souto de Moura in Porto

Rua Ruben A 210

+351 22 011 6350

2) Metro Stations of Porto

Porto’s metro stations all have a striking minimal design thanks to the architectural mastery of Souto de Moura. Trindade, São Bento, Bolhão and Casa da Música are some of the stations that architecture buffs should check out. Each has been designed to blend in harmoniously with its urban surroundings.

metro station in Porto by Eduardo Souto de Moura

Several locations

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3) Cantareira Building

This residential building is located on the riverfront in Passeio Alegre, not too far from the sea. It stands out for the unique and amazing way each level is superposed on another. The levels are all rotated at slightly different angles, giving the impression of movement. Inside, the rotations also provide different views.

facade of the Cantareira Building in Porto

Rua do Passeio Alegre 212

4) Building in Rua do Teatro

This mid-1990s building has a minimal exterior with iron profiles, zinc coating and slate. The floor-to-ceiling windows are protected by aluminium shutters. Spot the narrow passage that connects the interior garden with the street. It’s located in Foz do Douro, just a couple of blocks away from the seafront.

facade Building in Rua de Teatro

Rua do Teatro 158

5) Residences in Praça de Liège

Located in a charming square, this sleek concrete building houses three apartments. Completed in 1994, this is a great example of Souto de Moura’s ability to discreetly integrate modernity into urban surroundings.

Praça de Liège 102

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