The 5 best places for fado in Lisbon

1) Mesa de Frades

There is no fado restaurant in town that can rival the beauty of Mesa de Frades. Located in an 18th-century former chapel where the walls and floors are covered with authentic glazed tiles, the intimate room only seats a handful, so be sure to book beforehand. The candle-lit atmosphere is warm and inviting.

interior of Mesa de Frades

Rua dos Remédios 139-A

+351 91 702 9436

2) Clube de Fado

Here is an upscale version of a fado restaurant, and everything plays into that, from the décor to the service, from the food to the type of fado that is sung. In fact you will listen to an aristocratic version of fado, as opposed to the street fado (vadio) that is brought to you at most fado places.

interior of Clube de Fado

Rua de São João da Praça 86-94

+351 21 885 2704

3) A Baiuca

Family-owned and -operated A Baiuca is a place where you can expect genuine fado performances, with people from the neighbourhood coming over to sing fado vadio (vagrant fado). Even the cooks are known to stop their kitchen tasks from time to time to start singing, much to the surprise of patrons.

Rua de São Miguel 20

4) Tasca Do Chico

This small and intimate bar/eatery (with locations in Bairro Alto and Alfama) is a place to enjoy fado music in an informal and convivial setting. The warm and dimly-lit ambiance is conducive to experiencing the heartfelt tunes, brought by singers that go around in and out different fado restaurants.

wall decoration at Tasca Do Chico

Rua do Diário de Notícias 39

+351 96 505 9670

5) Senhor Vinho

Senhor Vinho owes its high standing to its charismatic owner, the famous fado singer Maria da Fé, who still sings there regularly, adding a touch of stardom to the experience. It is by far the classiest fado restaurant in the city, and the quality of the food matches the well-appointed décor and the personalised service.

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