The 5 best cocktail bars in Lisbon

1) Café Klandestino

Tucked away down a narrow street adjacent to the square of Intendente, this speakeasy-inspired cocktail bar is known for the creativity of its mixologists and for the ice cubes that are actually avocado pits.

people having drinks at Café Klandestino in Lisbon

Rua do Benformoso 256

+351 91 082 3156

2) Cinco Lounge

Dave Palenthorne came from the UK to Lisbon a few years ago and set out to revolutionise the city’s cocktail scene, which was very dull at the time of his arrival. His Cinco Lounge is still in the forefront of the local cocktail culture, and it is a true temple for connoisseurs and aficionados.

Lisbon - Cinco Lounge

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3) Red Frog

This cocktail bar was based on the American speakeasies of the 1920s and, to add to the theme, there even is a secret room that can be accessed by pushing a wall. The cocktail list has been made up by London Nightjar’s Marian Beke, who is responsible for the English bar’s presence on the list of the best bars in the world.

 Red Frog bar in Lisbon

Rua do Salitre 5A

+351 21 583 1120

4) Gin Lovers

Gin Lovers is a well-rounded concept that encompasses the world’s first magazine dedicated to gin, a highly informative website, a couple of shops,
a line of merchandising (kits to prepare drinks at home, etc.), and this bar located inside the Embaixada Concept Store in Príncipe Real.

bar interior of Gin Lovers

Praça do Príncipe Real 26

+351 21 347 1341

5) Matiz Pombalina

This bar is located in the posh residential area of Lapa and occupies the ground floor of an 18th-century building. It is true to the feel of days gone by, with old tile panels and baroque-style furnishings throughout its rooms. The sound of blues, soul, bossa nova and jazz plays softly in the background.

roses and blue and white façade of Matiz Pombalina

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