5 stunning modern buildings in Lisbon

1) Pavilhão de Portugal

Pritzker Prize winner Siza Vieira designed this iconic pavilion for the 1998 World Fair – for this occasion a new city was created in the shabby-industrial eastern part of Lisbon. The most impressive feature of the pavilion is the immense concrete roof, which seems as light as a feather, challenging gravity in the eye of the beholder.

Lisbon - Pavilhao de Portugal

Parque das Nações, Alameda dos Oceanos

2) Torre de Controlo do Porto de Lisboa

When you enter Lisbon coming from the sea, the first thing to catch your eye is the leaning port control tower, designed by local architect Gonçalo Byrne. The audacious building, that far exceeds its functional purpose thanks to its beauty, has won several architectural awards, and is the perfect contemporary companion for the other riverside monuments.

diagonal Torre de controlo at the ocean in Lisbon

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3) EDP Headquarters

This light and airy building was designed by award-winning architecture firm Aires Mateus as the headquarters of the former state-owned energy company EDP. Located next door to the Mercado da Ribeira it blends perfectly with the contrasting surroundings, despite its size and style. It has in fact set a new standard for contemporary architecture in the city.

modern architecture at the EDP Headquarters

Avenida 24 de Julho

4) Museu dos Coches

The new Museu dos Coches was designed by Brazilian Pritzker Prize winner Paulo Mendes da Rocha on a plot adjacent to the old museum, that used to be occupied by the former royal riding school. The museum offers an interesting contemporary backdrop to the richly decorated carriages, some of which date as far back as the 15th century.

exterior and parking lot at the Museu dos Coches

Praça Afonso de Albuquerque

+351 21 361 0850


5) Fundaçao Champalimaud

The Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown is housed in a state-of-the-art building designed by Indian architect Charles Correa. Located on the riverbank, near the mouth of the Tagus, the building finds the perfect balance between form and function. It truly expresses the essence of the magnificent location it was built on.

futuristic architecture at the Fundacao Champalimaud

Centro Champalimaud, Avenida de Brasília

+351 21 048 0200


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