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Marie Farman
Marie Farman

Born-and-bred Parisienne Marie Farman works as a journalist for several French magazines, writing mostly about design. She lives in the 20th arrondissement, close to the Père Lachaise cemetery, together with her partner and their two kids.

What Marie loves most about Paris:

"There's the beautiful architecture of course, the Quais de Seine and their unique charm, but I also love the Parisian art of living, the pretty cafés and the good bakeries we have. And there's the social and cultural mix: Paris is open to the world."

"I love the small museums in Paris, with their charming gardens."

Marie's perfect day in the city might look like this:

“Mornings are the perfect time of day to go for a walk in the city. If I have an appointment in an area where I don’t come often, I take the opportunity to discover the neighbourhood. I like to go for tea in a new place or to visit a gallery where I haven’t been before: there are always new addresses to try out in Paris!

For lunch I’d meet a friend at the Italian canteen East Mamma, a warm, simple and delicious spot.

I love small museums in Paris like Musée Bourdelle or Musée Eugène Delacroix, particularly for their charming little gardens. So I’d visit one of those museums after lunch, and then stop at Cire Trudon to buy some multicoloured candles. And because I’m a big fan of dark chocolate I’d probably also stop in one of the beautiful chocolateries in the city – I have a weakness for Jean-Paul Hévin.

Choosing where to go for dinner is always difficult, there are so many good restaurants in Paris… In any case you can’t go wrong with neo-bistrot Septime or Chardenoux, an authentic Parisian brasserie.”