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Michiel Vos
Michiel Vos

Michiel Vos is a Dutch-American correspondent for Dutch and Belgian TV and radio, as well as a commentator on European American politics for Charlie Rose. In his personal documentary series My America, which aired both in Belgium and The Netherlands, he documented his experiences in America as a European immigrant. Vos regularly gives his opinion on US politics and its pop culture on the Dutch daily late night talk show RTL Late Night, on EenVandaag, and on several Belgian talk shows. He lives in Manhattan with his wife, the filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi and their two boys. Follow him on Twitter @americanvos.

What Michiel loves most about New York:

"New York City is all about work. For example, New Yorkers don’t have lunch they do lunch - restaurants, bars and so on are all built around that work ethic. So look at New York as a visitor with a worker’s eyes, imagining that you too want to 'make it in this town’. Be early and catch the go-to-Midtown rush or stand at the Stock Exchange on Wall Street and see the traders go in."

"As a visitor it's worth looking at New York with a worker’s eyes, imagining that you too want to make it in this town."

Michiel's perfect day in the city might look like this:

"I always like to start with an early coffee on the bench outside at Joe’s Coffee, on the corner of Gay Street and Waverly Place.

Midtown lunch for me ideally is a sandwich. I'd eat it in Bryant Park, surrounded by working New Yorkers (and some ping pong players). In the late afternoon I love to sit in New York’s best park: Washington Square Park. I'd sit in the southwestern corner of the park to be precise, that's my favourite spot.

I'd end the day at the close by Minetta Tavern, surrounded inside by old-time New York and outside by the students at New York University getting ready for the night in The Village."