5 of the best clubs in town in Rotterdam

1) Club Bit

A creative hotspot, a club where you can dance till the early morning, an eccentric safe space: Club BIT is all of it. As the night progresses, one DJ after another climbs the stage, playing a variety of musical styles. The artistic vibe of BIT is underlined by the fact that the building, a former brothel in the M4H harbour area, is owned by the artist Joep van Lieshout, who has his workshop next door.

lighted stained windows during a party at Club Bit Rotterdam

Keileweg 10-A


2) Maassilo

Beats echo against the massive concrete walls of this large industrial building in the southern harbour. Parts of the old grain silos are still visible from the ceiling, adding to the underground look and feel of this venue. The legendary (and very eccentric) Now&Wow parties are organised on Saturday nights.

a party at the Maassilo club in Rotterdam

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3) Superdisco

From Wednesday till Saturday, the basement of Supermercado, a Mexican street food restaurant annex cocktail bar, changes into a steaming hot night club around midnight. You’ll find a mixed crowd that won’t leave until the early hours.

Beyonce themed party at Superdisco Rotterdam

4) Toffler

A hydraulic system changes the location of the stage depending on the time: small and cosy when it’s still early, large when it gets crowded. The club is located in a former pedestrian tunnel and organises techno parties on Friday, Saturday and occasionally on Thursday nights.

purple interior and lights at club Toffler

Weena Zuid 33


5) Club Vibes

This tiny, intimate club opens from Wednesday to Saturday from around 11 pm till the early morning. Check the calendar for other dance nights or occasional concerts. Expect a surprising mix of recent pop hits and golden oldies.

people partying at Club Vibes

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