The 5 best bike trails in Rotterdam

1) Explore the Nieuwe Maas

The Nieuwe Maas really is the heart of the city. Follow its banks and explore the imposing architecture, the green parks and an uninhabited island, industrial sites, grand boulevards and most of all enjoy some stunning views. The entire trail, including bridges, tunnels and a ferry crossing is 28 kilometres long, but you can easily divide it up into smaller parts.

view over the Nieuwe Maas in Rotterdam

2) Follow The Rotte

Follow the river Rotte, to which Rotterdam owes its name, northwards out of the city, starting from Noordplein all the way to the beautiful Rottemeren recreation area (a little over 12 kilometres). On your way there you’ll pass old dike houses, windmills and green meadows. There are few cars along the way and lots of places to stop for a drink or to admire the view.

The Rotte river near Rotterdam

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3) Waalhaven

Get a real feel for the port by cycling around Waalhaven. Take your bike through the Maastunnel and resurface on the southern bank of Nieuwe Maas. Bike on the left bank of the river towards Waalhaven. You can bike all around it until you reach the dry docks and the historic village of Heijplaat. Take the ferry back to the city centre from here.

view of the Waalhaven port in Rotterdam

4) Historic Delfshaven/Schiedam/Maassluis

This trail will take you from Eendrachtsplein westwards across Nieuwe Binnenweg into historic Delfshaven. From here, follow the signs to Schiedam and visit the modern art (Stedelijk Schiedam) or Jenever Museum. Return to Rotterdam or continue for another 13 km to the picturesque village of historic Maassluis. The whole trail is 20 km one way, with plenty of interesting stops along the way.

Historic houses in Delfshaven

5) Overschie/Midden Delfland/Delft

From Hofplein bike along Schiekade and Schieweg to Rotterdam Airport (8,5 km). Admire the Rotterdam skyline from a distance amid the green fields of Midden Delfland. Here you can enjoy fantastic views of the city. Delft is another 6,5 km from here. Stop midway at brasserie Waalhaven at the airport (Malpensabaan 3) for a drink and some plane spotting.

skyline of Rotterdam city

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