The 5 best galleries to Buy Art

1) Cokkie Snoei

Cokkie Snoei exhibits a wayward mixture of contemporary art and photography, and has been a prominent fixture on Rotterdam’s art scene since 1989. The gallery space, just five minutes from the city’s Central Station, can be visited from Thursday to Saturday in the afternoon or on appointment. The gallery also participates in many leading (inter) national art fairs.

painting at Cokkie Snoei gallery

2) Zerp Galerie

After working as a painter and a gallery manager in Amsterdam for years, Zic Zerp established his own gallery for contemporary art in 2011. Zerp wants to foster the interaction between established and upcoming artists, and between those working in different genres like painting, drawing, photography, and video and sculpture art.

façade of Zerp Galerie

Van Oldenbarneveltstraat 120-A

+31 (0)10 846 37 30

3) Galerie Frank Taal

Owners Frank Taal and Leo de Bie were voted best gallery of 2015 and distinguish themselves by actively promoting art, with 8 to 10 exhibitions a year. They show sculptures, photo-graphy, drawings and paintings, and also organise events outside their white walls.

art exhibition at Galerie Frank Taal

4) Galerie Atelier Herenplaats

Since 1991, Atelier Herenplaats offers artists with a mental disability or a psychiatric background a place to work and professional guidance. They represent artists whose work has been bought by renowned museums from all over the world and have their own outsider art academy. Here you can see the artists at work, visit regular exhibitions and attend events.

paintings for rent at Herenplaats


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