Unusual places to spend the night in Holland

1) De Kleine Antonius

Lay your head down to rest on the church organ in this beautiful Baptist church from 1904. The church can also be rented for performances or events, but you’ll have it all to yourself if you decide to spend the night here. So play a little ditty on the piano or cosy up to the wood stove. The owner Dick Stukkien has plenty of stories to share about this special place.

De Kleine Antonius

2) Hortus Hermitage

Spending the night in an old food silo is always a unique experience, but this one is made even more special because of its location in a botanic garden. The silo’s interior is decorated with furniture, made from materials that were gathered in the Hortus and include a desktop made of plant cards. The Hermitage is a retreat. You can stay here for three nights or more, from May till October. According to a romantic, 18th-century custom, hermits were given permission to sleep in the botanic garden, as they were regarded as symbols of the reflective man who is close to nature. And now you can follow in their footsteps.

Hortus Hermitage

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3) Alibi Hostel Leeuwarden

Many prisons have often been likened to hotels, because of the luxurious conditions in which the prisoners were held. Now that more and more jails are closing their doors, some are being converted into hotels. You can spend the night in the Blokhuispoort, in a sparsely furnished dormitory, or share a bunk bed in one of the cells. For more luxurious accommodation, book a double room with an ensuite bathroom. If your cell feels too claustrophobic, then head to one of the common rooms where you can cook, read a book or have a beer.

Alibi Hostel Leeuwaarden

Blokhuisplein 40, Leeuwarden

+31 (0)6 12 07 74 49


4) Windketel

This tiny octagonal house near a large white water tower is situated in the Netherlands’ first sustainable ‘ecodistrict’, which is also car-free. It also happens to be near popular Westerpark. The Windketel project was set up by ten locals, who manage the hotel apartment. The house has a modern look and feel, with Dutch Design furniture, and can be booked for stays of three or more nights.

exterior of de Windketel hotel

Watertorenplein 8-C, Amsterdam


5) De Vrouwe van Stavoren

Swiss wine barrels of 15.000 and 23.000 litres are lined up behind this hotel, like tiny hobbit houses. But don’t worry, these oakwood round rooms have all the mod cons. The most luxurious one even has a Jacuzzi and a sauna. Stavoren is one of the Frisian Eleven Cities and is situated on the IJsselmeer. The hotel offers special packages during the off-season.

exterior of rooms at De Vrouwe van Stavoren

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