Amazing vegetarian restaurants in Holland

1) De Nieuwe Winkel

While not strictly vegetarian, De Nieuwe Winkel does excel in what they like to call ‘botanical gastronomy’. Plants take centre stage in this two-Michelin starred restaurant that is a collaboration between chef Emile van der Staak and food forest pioneer Wouter van Eck. Not only are the dishes stunning, the restaurant’s interior is equally impressive: located in a former orphanage with an open kitchen so you can see the masters at work.

restaurant signage of De Nieuwe Winkel in Nijmegem

Gebroeders van Limburgplein 7, Nijmegen

+31 (0)24 322 50 93

2) Shirak

Vegetarians are always interested in trying something different, like Armenian cuisine for example. Dishes with nuts, fruit, eggplant and yoghurt are served with bread. Meat lovers will also find something to their liking here, because this restaurant is not exclusively vegetarian, although they do have a lot of veggie dishes on the menu. Do try some Armenian tea or cognac after your meal.


a red and dimly lighted interior of Shirak restaurant

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3) De Kop van 't land

If you really need a break, then go to De Kop van ’t Land, an inn on the outskirts of Biesbosch, which is just a short bike ride from Dordrecht, where you will be well and truly pampered. Surprising flavour combinations, beautifully dressed Michelin-quality dishes, and extremely friendly waiters. Once you’ve eaten your fill, you can take a nice brisk walk along the dike or spend the night in the inn.

outdoor terrace with view at Kop van 't Land restaurant

Roel Hendrickx

4) Bij Albrecht

Who says vegan food is boring? Manfred and Bernadette call their restaurant a plant-based food experience and serve all kinds of nourishing dishes, on beautifully-dressed plates, in a white interior with an open kitchen. Tasty food with the added bonus of a smaller carbon footprint.

interior of Bij Albrecht restaurant

5) Hagedis

Hagedis serves vegetarian and organic food in a stately old school building. The restaurant is part of the residential and working community de Grote Pyr and is run by the residents. Order the menu of the day for a surprise or taste their delicious cheese fondue.

restaurant interior of Hagedis

Eveline van Egdom

Waldeck Pyrmontkade 116, The Hague

+31 (0)70 364 04 56

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