Terrace hang-outs in Holland

1) Zondag

The Noorderplantsoen city park is situated in the centre of Groningen. In 1930, they built a stylish pavilion here, which is a mix of the Amsterdam School and the De Stijl architectural style, with large windows that look out onto the pond. It’s open all day, from breakfast till dinner, for a cup of coffee or something stronger.

Zondag bar in the park

at: Noorderplantsoen, Kruissingel 1, Groningen

+31 (0)50 312 35 37


2) Distillery 't Nieuwe Diep

Find this small distillery, with its lovely terrace near the orchard and the pond. It is tucked away in Flevopark in the east of Amsterdam in a former pumping station. Here you can sample homemade jenevers, made from 100% malt wine, as well as beer or apple cider, with cheese or sausage as a snack.

Distillery 't Nieuwe Diep

Flevopark 13, Amsterdam

+31 (0)6 27 07 60 65


3) Alohabar

Many people from Rotterdam and the surrounding region still remember BlueCity010, the current ‘playground for the circular economy’, as the tropical swimming pool it used to be. You can still find a water ride and a water slide here, as well as plenty of unique companies such as Rotterzwam, which grows mushrooms on coffee grounds. Cafe and Restaurant Alohabar has the best location, with its huge terrace, along the Nieuwe Maas, near Willemsbrug bridge. A great place for a cup of home-roasted coffee, oyster mushroom bitterballen and a drink or a nice dinner.

terrace of Alohabar

Maasboulevard 100, Rotterdam

+31 (0)10 210 81 70


4) 't T-Huis

The façade of the striking glass T-huis is decorated with lamp letters, just like Broadway. This place, which has a large terrace, is located in Valkenberg park in the city of Breda. The letters spell the words ‘Coffee’, ‘Sausage’ and ‘Ice cream’. The building was designed by the architect John Körmeling, after the city council redeveloped the park and decided it needed an artwork cum cafe. You can also stop here for a beer or a cheese sandwich by the way.

two customers sitting on the terrace of 't T-huis

John F. Kennedylaan 15, Breda

+31 (0)76 515 18 20


5) Landgoed De Wilmersberg

From the hillside, you have a view of the country estate that was acquired by a rich textile manufacturer just after World War I. He had a house built here, which is now home to an upmarket restaurant and hotel. You can also stop for a drink after a walk through this lush country estate. The Rhododendron Avenue, which owers beautifully in May, is one of the better-known attractions of this estate.

 Landgoed de Wilmersberg

Rhododendronlaan 7, De Lutte

+31 (0)541 58 55 55


6) De Zeeuwse hemel

Everything in Zierikzee points to the city’s rich history. You’ll find a cosy garden behind the authentic building called De Zeeuwse Hemel, which was built 400 years ago as an inn. It’s a good place for lunch or dinner, made with regional products. They also have a deli and some rooms in the attic and cellar where you can spend the night.

people inside at de Zeeuwse Hemel

7) De Zagerij

Utrecht has a lot to offer, but it doesn’t have much of an industrial heritage. And yet, De Zagerij (the sawmill) with its tall windows, high ceilings and partly original interior points to a history of hard labour. The restaurant has a terrace along Vaartsche Rijn and is located in the former sawmill of the famous Pastoe furniture factory. Recently several small businesses and restaurants moved in.

terrace at de Zagerij

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