Dedicated coffee roasters in Holland

1) Man Met Bril Koffie

You can find Man Met Bril coffee in more and more cafes in Rotterdam but the best place to drink it is still among the grinders, the roasters and the hessian bags full of coffee beans in the Hofbogen, with a sweet treat, while you read the newspaper. Man Met Bril has won several awards for its coffees. A ‘coffee hotel’ (together with a roaster, coffee bar and restaurant) is due to open in 2023.

people drinking at coffee bar Man met Bril

Vijverhofstraat 70, Rotterdam

+31 (0)10 307 28 55

2) White Label Coffee

The undisputed coffee hang-out of the De Baarsjes neighbourhood, since 2014. The owners Francesco and Elmer prepare one of the best flat whites in Amsterdam. Sit down in one of the many lounge corners on different levels, enjoy some people watching from their tiny terrace or take some beans home with you.

people drinking at coffee bar White Label coffee in

Jan Evertsenstraat 136, Amsterdam

+31 (0)20 737 13 59

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3) Van Rossum's Koffie

In addition to espressos, cappuccinos and cortados, Van Rossum also serves different types of filter coffee. Jelle van Rossum sources beans from Colombian, Ethiopian and Congolese growers after which he roasts them himself. It’s a great place to while away the time with a newspaper at the reading table or with a book from the adjoining Van Someren & Ten Bosch bookshop.

outdoor seating area at Van Rossum's Koffie

4) Locals

Locals serves everything but on good days, you cannot but notice the scent of freshly-roasted coffee. A cosy place for a filter coffee, a simple ristretto or a Vanilla Sky (with vanilla syrup, whipped cream and chocolate shavings)... or why not try an alcoholic coffee-based cocktail?

bar and customers at Locals Coffee

Roel Hendrickx

5) Brew2cup

The owners Cynthia and Erwin bring out the natural flavours of the coffee beans and even succeed in making rabid coffee haters change their minds with their brews. Hide out downstairs in the cosy coffee cocoon with soft chairs and a comfy sofa.

Brew2Cup in Arnhem

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