The 5 best interior design stores in Amsterdam

1) Neef Louis

Neef Louis (cousin Louis) is the go-to destination for vintage and industrial design lovers, as they sell everything you ever hoped to find at flea markets: from Rietveld and Rob Parry chairs to industrial-style lockers and operation room lamps. 

chairs from Neef Louis

2) Fest Amsterdam

Affordable Dutch design furniture with a Scandinavian twist. FEST Amsterdam was started in 2013 by owner Femke Furnée who invites different designers to contribute to the Fest brand. Think sturdy but soft lounge sofas, lots of colourful cushions and pillows as well as elegant chairs and vases. 

FEST Design store

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3) De Weldaad

Weldaad (“splendour”) is a world of wonders right on the bustling Noordermarkt. It sells a diverse collection of rugs, textiles, vases, lamps and furniture from around the world, new and vintage. Curiosa and naturalia are exquisitely exhibited in display cases.

An interior set up inside De Weldaad design shop

4) Prinsheerlijk Antiek

Looks can be deceiving. Behind this relatively small entrance (of a former cookie factory) lies a 550-square-metre treasure trove full of antiques. It’s worth your while to really take the time to dig for a special find.

The entrance door to Prinsheerlijk Antiek

5) Mobilia

When you’re a student living in a small room with furniture from flea markets, this is where you dream about shopping one day. Mobilia spans three floors and sells sleek high-end design furniture as well as more affordable items. The list of brands they sell is endless. Even if you’re not looking to buy, it’s pleasant. 

furniture and design from Mobilia

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