5 design galleries Milan

Galleria Luisa Dell Piane

Via Giusti 24


+39 02 3319 680

The elegant Milanese gallery owner Luisa Delle Piane is well-known in the industry. Her research into the decorative arts of the 20th century began in the 1970s, and continues unabated today. An everattentive interpreter of cultural change, she organises interesting exhibitions and installations and creates some exclusive pieces of furniture.

Galleria Clio Calvi Rudy Volpi

Via Pontaccio 17
+39 02 8691 5009

An address to add to your travel notebook. The Clio Calvi and Rudy Volpi gallery shows the work of such artists as Andrea Branzi, Haruka Fujita, Harush Shlomo and Nicoletta Morozzi, always offering a refined and never boring perspective on art. Its exhibitions are among the most popular in Milan.

Galleria Anna Maria Consadori

Via Brera 2
+39 02 7202 1767

Ceramics, lamps, and furnishings created by designers such as Giò Ponti, Ignazio Gardella and Enzo Mari are flanked by contemporary paintings and sculptures, selected by Anna Maria Consadori. The architect and daughter of the painter Silvio Consadori, her space is located in Brera, historically the artists’ district.


Via Palermo 1
+39 02 8907 5002

A Wunderkammer, a place where – thanks to the many decades of experience and passion of Paolo Badesco – objects of different origins and periods are shown
together. The studio advises customers how to they can add a sophisticated and poetic touch to their homes. Head to the Corso Magenta (10) branch, which has a bar, for more vintage items.


Piazza San Marco 1
+39 02 2900 2437

The most iconic objects and pieces of contemporary furniture are displayed in a space that dates from the 1980s. They have all been chosen for their communicative value, as well as their functionality, speaking multiple languages , understanding each other, and the public. The windows of this striking space overlook Via Solferino.