The 5 most amazing art deco renovations Miami


1040 Lincoln Road
South Beach 
+1 800 211 1414

With its unmistakable movie marquee and streamlined, geometric architecture rising behind it, The Colony is one of the last original buildings on Lincoln Road. It debuted as Paramount Pictures in 1935 and recently completed a three-year, 6,5 million-dollar restoration. Cherish every step on those priceless terrazzo floors.


940 Ocean Drive
South Beach 
+1 305 532 2362

Architect Anton Skislewicz designed this emblematic structure in 1936. Formerly pastel, it is now a magnificent blue-andorange façade, with the enormous neon sign that spells out the name of the hotel fronting the parapet, and vertical lines shooting out from the sides of the frieze. Classical Art Deco.


3500 Pan American Drive
Coconut Grove
+1 305 250 5400

This was Pan American Airlines’ airport for the famous flying seaplanes. The 1934 building featured interior murals and a stunning, curved canopy. Many of the Art Deco elements were hidden with a bland redo in 1954 when it became City Hall, but it was restored to its former self in 2003.


3925 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach 
+1 305 538 3373

Now owned by Marriott, this hotel really was whimsically designed to resemble a car, with plenty of chrome trim, a canopy shaped like a car hood and a sign lighted in what could be headlights. Constructed in 1940 from a Roy France design, it’s the tallest Art Deco building, offering unparalleled access of the Atlantic.


736 Ocean Drive
South Beach 
+1 305 673 0088

This Art Deco restoration has dominated every skyline since South Beach reinvented itself. The bright blue neon signage, the flat roof with more neon enlivening it, the tri-level division. It’s earned its place in the postcards.

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