Small and unusual museums in Malta

1) Classic Cars

Walking through a museum collection of classic cars, many people are often surprised to see such a wide variety of well-kept and beautifully restored cars, such as a 1955 Jaguar, Fiats, Fords and several other classics. The well-designed display provides visitors with an interesting experience. To make your journey back in time even more captivating, the museum has added a collection of antiques and memorabilia from the forties, fifties and sixties, to put the collection into context.

retro car at the Malta Classic car collection

at: Malta Classic Car Collection, Tourist St, Qawra

+356 2157 8885

2) Quarry

The only natural resource that is in abundant supply in Malta is limestone, the stone that is used extensively by the construction industry. Stone is quarried, and this place provides a unique insight into what a quarry looks like from within, and how stone was excavated and transported during the previous centuries. There are various tools on display, in addition to explanations and films about this centuries-old craft. A good place to visit and relax.

artifacts at the Malta Limestone Heritage

Joseph Galea

at: Limestone Heritage, Triq Mons. M Azzopardi, Siġġiewi

+356 2146 4931

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3) Postal History

This newly opened museum provides an insight into Malta’s rich postal history. The display includes a fully functional post office, with the old furniture included. The timeline of historic milestones starts in the 16th century, with the Order of St John in Malta, and the museum traces postal development throughout the following centuries, with stamps, drawings and other interesting items associated with local postal history.

stamps at display at the Malta Postal museum

at: Malta Postal Museum, 135 Archbishop St, Valletta

+356 2596 1750

4) Aviation Museum

The first airfield was built in Malta at the start of the 20th century and was used by both the British Royal Air Force and Fleet Air Arm. Since then, several airfields have been built in Malta, including this civil airfield at Ta’ Qali. This is also where the Aviation Museum is located, close to the former airfield, using several of the airfield’s hangars. There are several airplanes, and parts of aircraft on display, a remarkable collection for aviation enthusiasts. This is one of those specialist museums that is always a pleasure to visit. Highly recommended.

planes at display at the Malta aviation museum

Joseph Galea

5) Museum of Toys

This small privately owned museum in an old building at Xagħra is home to the collection of Susan and Edwin Love, a British couple from Devon. It started with one doll but now includes a variety of toys, some of which are quite old. Among the most interesting items are a number of large doll houses, with the various rooms and furniture included, a popular toy with well-to-do families during the 19th century. You can also see a number of figurines, that are traditionally used in Maltese Christmas cribs, some of which are the work of an early 20th-century Neapolitan artist.

facade of the Museum of Toys in Malta

at: Pomskizillious Toy Museum, 10 Triq Ġnien Xibla, Xagħra

+356 2156 2489

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