Beautiful Luxury hotels all over Europe

Making travel plans for 2020? How about treating yourself to a unique hotel experience when you visit one of these European cities. Each of these hotels offers a one-of-a-kind setting, location, service or all of the above. We thought we'd help you along with some inspiration for your next getaway in these lists, even if it is just for a quick peek around the lobby.

The 5 most glamorous hotels in Lisbon

If you want to avoid the average, this list contains 5 luxurious places to sleep in Lisbon.

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The 5 most luxurious hotels in Copenhagen

Pamper yourself with a luxury stay in Copenhagen.

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5 of the most glamorous hotels in Stockholm

Where to stay in Stockholm if you feel like glamming it up.

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5 splendid luxury hotels in Madrid

Spend your nights in luxury during your stay in Madrid.

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The 5 most luxurious hotels in Rotterdam

Indulge in an amazing night's sleep when you're in Rotterdam.

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The 5 most luxurious hotels in Brussels

Looking for the grand side of Brussels? These are the fanciest spots for a stay in the Belgian capital.

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