Meet the author Judith Lohse in Munich

Judith Lohse (c) Marcus Schlaf
Judith Lohse

Judith Lohse has always lived in Munich. Being a curious cyclist, she whizzes around the city, keeping her eyes open to discover new and unusual things. Friends, neighbours and colleagues know how much she loves, collects and writes down anecdotes and little stories of Munich's everyday life. She is the author of The 500 Hidden Secrets of Munich. Photo © Marcus Schlaf

What Judith loves most about Munich

Munich has so much to offer. Whether you are looking for a short escape or a big event, a vibrant nightlife or a great view into the green - you can always find something to suit your current mood and needs in Munich. All of that within a small yet big city, through which flows a river (in which you wet your feet); and you’ll be never far away from impressive mountains or beautiful lakes.

Judith's perfect day in the city might look like this 

I would explore some neighborhoods on my bicycle and stop by my favorite places. So, I would have a coffee in the San Lucas Kaffeewirtschaft (Augustenstraße 113), grab a bite at Sim Sim Falafel and visit a few shops like A Kind of Guise and iki. M.

Then, I would hop back on my bike and cross the river taking one of the Isar bridges to Haidhausen. There, I'd have a piece of cake at pastry shop Wölfl (Kellerstraße 17) and enjoy the flair at the Wiener Platz. It's packed with small shops and food stalls, and you’ll get a fantastic glass of wine at Domaines Kilger Weinhäusl (Wiener Platz 4).