5 buildings by Tadao Ando in Tokyo

1) 21_21 Design Sight

Here people can broaden their understanding of design. The space is located in the Midtown Garden, right next to Hinokicho Park. You will somehow be inspired during your visit. In spring, you can also enjoy the cherry blossoms here.

21_21 Design Sight building

2) Omotesando Hills

This building does not really look that special from the outside. Step inside, however, and you will soon be fascinated by its spiral ramp. This shopping centre was built on a wedge-shaped strip of land, forcing Ando to make the most of the land’s features.

people shopping at Omotesando Hills

4-12-10 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku

+81 (0)3-3497-0310


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3) La Collezione

Built in 1989, this building consists of three cubes and one circular cylinder. Walking inside of the building, you may feel like as if you are lost in a maze but you will be amazed at the amount of daylight. La Collezione is a multipurpose event space, which hosts press conferences and parties.

 La Collezione

6-1-3 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku

+81 (0)3-5468-1825


4) Tokyo Art Museum

This museum of fine arts, design and architecture opened in 2004 as part of an urban planning project in Sengawa. The area, about a five-minute walk from the station, is known as ‘Sengawa Ando Street’ and has several buildings designed by Ando.

exhibition at the Tokyo Art Museum

1-25-1 Sengawa-cho, Chofu-shi

+81 (0)3-3305-8686


5) Shibuya Station

You may have already walked through this station without knowing who designed it. Perhaps it was too crowded, or you were too busy looking at your smartphone. Anyway, here is a work that you can observe with very little effort. An egg-shaped shell wraps around the atrium, with natural light flooding into the underground level. Quintessential Ando.

Concrete dome at Shibuya Station by Tadao Ando

Tokyo Toyoko Line, 2-21-13 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku

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