5 stylish shoe shops in Venice

These are the shoe shops to visit if you want to treat your feet to something special. Splurge on a pair of handmade original creations or try on some friulane, the traditional Venetian shoes that are popular with the gondoliers.

1) Atelier Segalin di Daniela Ghezzo

Time seems to have stopped in this deliciously eclectic workshop where craftsmanship reigns supreme. Here you will find footwear of every type and style. The models of the last century – which hang from the ceiling – are particularly fascinating. But the real selling point of this workshop are the bespoke shoes, which are real masterpieces, for anyone wishing to treat themselves to a one-of-a-kind shoe.

handcrafted shoes at the Atelier Segalin di Daniela Ghezzo

2) Piedàterre

This colourful shop specialises in le friulane, or Venetian shoes. These shoes are in fact originally from Carnia, in the neighbouring region of Friuli (hence the name). They found their way to Venice after World War I, when a Friulian family began to sell them in Venice. They became popular with gondoliers and soon the rest of the city discovered them, too.

Piedaterre shoes in the shop window

Ruga dei Oresi 60, San Polo , Venice

+39 041 528 5513


3) Giovanna Zanella

Located just a few steps from the Rialto Bridge, Giovanna Zanella’s workshop is where she produces her original creations. Her women’s and men’s shoes have eclectic shapes and colourful materials but all have in common that they are unique and one-of-a-kind.

Calle Fava 5641

+39 041 523 5500

4) Gabriele Gmeiner

Entering the shop of cobbler Gabriele Gmeiner is like taking a journey backin time. The tools he uses to producehis elegant bespoke shoes hang on thewall. While these shoes are pricier than the mass-produced type, they are worth every penny.

shoe atelier at Gabriele Gmeiner

5) Style Shoes

It’s hard to pinpoint the style of this store. Suffice to say that you can find footwear of all types and for all seasons here. They also have an interesting section of women’s accessories including handmade bags.

Shoes and accessories from Style shoes Venice

Ruga Vecchia di San Giovanni 409

+39 041 522 8899

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