5 extravagant bookshops in Venice

Book lovers will enjoy these fascinating bookshops in Venice. Whether you're into antique books, architecture and design, or other printed curiosities, there's something for everyone at these unique bookstores. 

1) Libreria Toletta

A historic bookstore which has an amazing collection of English-language books. It’s also one of the largest in Venice. In 2008, Libreria Toletta started to publish its own books, with over 150 titles in its catalogue to date. Here you’ll also find one of the city’s premier literary cafes.

street and outside front store of Libreria Toletta

Sacca della Toletta 1214

+39 041 523 2034


2) Libreria Bruno

The perfect bookshop for architects, designers, graphic designers, and creative minds in general, which sells a curated selection of magazines, which are difficult to find elsewhere. Here you’ll find books spanning the worlds of art and design, as well as sociology, pedagogy, publishing and current affairs.

books at Libreria Bruno in Venice

Calle Lunga San Barnaba 2729

+39 041 523 0379


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3) Libreria Linea d’Acqua

Linea d’Acqua sells prints, antique books, and oil paintings of Venice, that highlight the ethereal beauty of the city. Step inside and you’ll immediately be drawn to the large bookcase. Take a book, open it, inhale, and then nestle yourself in one of the two beautiful armchairs for a couple of hours.

interior of Libreria Linea d’Acqua filled with old books and antique

Calle della Mandola 3717/D

+39 041 522 4030


4) Libreria Studium

One of the best reasons to visit this well-stocked bookshop, on two floors, near San Marco is its curated selection of books on Venice, with plenty of guides and books about the city’s history. They also have lots of foreign language books, including an English, German and Spanish section.

street front of the Libreria Studium store in Venice

5) Libreria Antiquaria Segni nel Tempo

Even if antique books aren’t your thing, do visit this bookshop anyway if you enjoy a journey through the annals of Venetian history. In addition to stocking precious volumes and books you won’t find anywhere else, the store also sells prints, maps of the city, and a variety of other printed curiosities.

interior of book store filled with antique books at Libreria Segni Nel Tempo

Calle Lunga San Barnaba 2856

+39 041 722 909


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