5 things You should never say to a Venetian in Venice

1) Where can I get a bus?

Beware: the only area of Venice’s historic centre where vehicles (and this includes bicycles) are allowed is Piazzale Roma. From there on, you must rely on the city’s public transportation, i.e., the water buses and water taxis. When planning your arrival, bear in mind that, while the water buses run all night, the times are obviously less frequent the later at night.

2) Where can I find a shopping centre?

The very nature of this one-of-a-kind city is absolutely incompatible with the hectic activity and large scale of a shopping centre. The closest thing perhaps to a shopping centre is the Fondaco dei Tedeschi. In any case, there is no shortage of shops of every kind and of great quality in Venice.

3) May I have a cappuccino (after lunch)?

This may sound fussy, but Venetians – and Italians – would never drink a cappuccino after lunch. Consider alternatives such as macchiato, decaf, corretto (with grappa added), and ristretto.

4) When's the next high water?

Acqua alta, as it’s known here, depends on a combination of winds and tides, so it’s impossible to predict exactly when this will occur. In any event, you can check the weather forecast and various apps to avoid being caught unprepared. When high water is imminent, special alarms are also activated to warn the population.

5) Where can I eat lasagna?

The answer is: in Bologna. While there is no doubt that lasagna is delicious, it has nothing to do with the Venetian culinary tradition. If a restaurant lists it on its menu, along with pizza or a cutlet, then you can be certain that it does not serve local cuisine.

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