5 food spots if you're on a budget in Rome

1) Dar Parucca

This simple restaurant brings together sophisticated flavours and locally sourced organic ingredients. Meaty Roman treats make up the core of the menu, but you’ll also find vegetarian and vegan options. Even their house wines, a Montepulciano for red and Trebbiano malvasiato for white, are organic.

Interior of Dar Parucca restaurant

Via Macerata 89

+39 324 086 8361

2) Corno d'Africa

An excellent African restaurant. Among the most popular dishes are couscous with meat and vegetables and the spiced beef stew, served with injera, a spongy East African sourdough flatbread. The lively restaurant only has a few tables, so be sure to book ahead.

Via Folco Portinari 7

+39 (0)6 5327 3923

3) Il Quagliaro

Simple, rustic dining at its finest, where pizzas start for as low as 3 euro. Classic Roman pastas like carbonara and cacio e pepe go for 6,50 euro, as does the quail this trattoria is known for. For 20 euro you can order the menu completo, which includes an antipasto, primo, secondo, dessert, drink, coffee, and an amaro to top it off.

interior of Il Quagliaro

Largo Mola di Bari 17–19

+39 (0)6 2521 0875


4) Pinsere

This locale specialises in pinsa, an ovalshaped focaccia bread that dates back to ancient Rome, but today is a rarity. Toppings are manifold: ham and figs, parmigiana, cacio e pepe, pumpkin flowers, ricotta, lard, sardines, and mozzarella are just a few. Pinsere also offers cold pastas and salads.

pizza with tomato, mozzarella and basilicum from Pinsere

Via Flavia 98

+39 (0)6 4202 0924

5) Finger

High-quality fast food. There’s only seating for 15 at Finger plus some standing and leaning room at the counter. Dishes include cedar-infused artichokes and saffron-battered vegetables. Food changes daily, depending on what’s fresh at the market. But you can always count on cold craft brews and good wine.

Italian food from Finger

Piazza Pietro Merolli 53

+39 (0)6 8379 6538

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