5 places for bicycle addicts in Milan

1) Bianchi Café & Cycles

The shop of this iconic Italian bicycle brand, with a showroom and workshop, also has a cosy bar. Or vice versa. Fact is that enthusiasts and beginners come here to buy or simply look at bikes and for a snack from morning till evening, always with their own personal fitness in mind.

Bianchi Café & Cycles Milan

2) Upcycle Milano bike café

Italy’s first self-proclaimed ‘Cafe Bistrot’. We don’t know whether this is true. You can spend an afternoon studying or working here, and in the evening, you can often enjoy live music. Don’t worry about the huge portion sizes, you can burn off the calories by biking home.

Upcycle Milano Bike Café

3) Rossignoli Historic Shop

They have been making their own bicycles here for over 100 years, fixing them in the workshop, and selling them, along with those of famous brands. There is a sense of history in this shop, where the same family has worked for five generations, assisted by their competent staff. Like Pietro, who recently earned the title of ‘Best salesman in Milan’.

bikes Rossignol Historic Shop

Corso Garibaldi 65-71

+39 02 8049 60


4) La Stazione delle Biciclette-Urban style

Another address for riders in search of a custom bicycle, made entirely by hand, that reflects the tastes and needs of its rider. Just tell the young owners what you have in mind. It will be perfect for the city or, depending on your requirements, for a ride to the seaside or the mountains.

La Stazione delle Biciclette shop in Milan

5) La Ciclistica Milano

Two friends came up with the idea of this project when it became fashionable again to ride a bike: bike lanes were opened and bikes and co-ops were in high demand. Their handmade collection of made in Italy models was recently added to the range. The bikes are beautiful, solid and affordable, and come with an unlimited warranty.

bike la Ciclista Milano

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