5 trattorias to experience authentic cuisine in Milan

1) Trattoria Madonnina

Returning to this inn from the early 1900s, with its authentic popular atmosphere, is always a pleasure. Antique interior and a small terrace outside. The menu is reassuring, with simple dishes and main courses of meat, which is boiled, stewed, and braised, as well as the typical veal Milanese, of course.

interior Trattoria Madonnina

Via Gentilino 6

+39 02 8940 9089

2) Masuelli S. Marco 1921

The sight of white tablecloths, 1930s chandeliers by Venini – designed by Giò Ponti – and Thonet chairs from the 1920s has been a familiar one for customers of this ‘historic shop’ for three generations. Just like the flavours of Lombardic-Piedmontese cuisine that chef Max Masuelli reinvents here, with a contemporary twist. Try the bone-in veal Milanese.

Italian Aperitif

3) Macellaio RC

Roberto Costa opened Macellaio RC with Mariella Radici. This format was already famous in London. The menu includes rib-eye steaks, steak tartare, bistecca fiorentina of female Piedmontese cows, that are slaughtered once over the age of 4, after which the meat is aged in-house from 7 to 9 weeks. Homemade bread, focaccia and pinsa. Open for lunch, aperitivo and dinner.

food Macellaio RC

4) Trippa

Founded by Diego Rossi – who previously worked in the kitchens of Norbert Niederkofler and Alfio Ghezzi, who have 3 and 2 Michelin stars respectively – serving a neo-trattoria cuisine. The two rooms are welcoming, from the counter you can see the kitchen and the chef’s naughty (and slightly hipstery) moustache.

interior Trippa Milan

5) L’altra Isola

Could it be that the best risotto with ossobuco in Milan is actually cooked by a Chinese chef? Some begrudgingly admit that this is indeed the case. Enjoy it here, in one of the few typical trattorias still in business, on a peripheral side street of Viale Jenner, along with several other Milanese dishes. Chef Hu Shunfeng is now a partner of the restaurant.

Via Edoardo Porro 8

+39 02 6083 0205

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