5 beautiful gardens to admire in Milan

1) Botanical Garden of Brera

This tranquil, beautiful oasis is hidden behind the austere Palazzo di Brera, in the centre of Milan. Created in 1774 at the behest of Maria Theresa of Austria, as a haven of pleasure and delight, the Brera Botanical Garden also supplied medicinal plants to the Brera Pharmacy.

roses at the garden of Brera

2) Botanical Gardens of the University

This space is situated near the Polytechnic University and close to some faculties of the State University. It is open to the public and is used for scientific research and educational activities. Here the region’s native species are preserved and studied. The avant-garde greenhouses host an interesting collection of carnivorous plants.

a carnivorous plant

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3) Orti Fioriti at CityLife Park

The CityLife public park will become the city’s second ‘green lung’ and will also have flower gardens. The project includes the cultivation of aromatic and medicinal herbs, flowers and vegetables on 3000 square metres of city land.

view Orti Fioriti at Citylife Park

4) Parco Trotter

A former racetrack. In the 1920s Parco Trotter became the Casa del Sole, a special school with a state-of-the-art garden with an educational function. Today it’s listed as Environmental Heritage and is always teeming with mothers and children who live in this multicultural neighbourhood.

Parco Trotter

Via Giuseppe Giacosa

5) Orticola Flower Show

The opening is always a society event. Guests show off their eccentric hats and colourful clothes, which are all very flowery. It is a pleasure to stroll among the many plant varieties and rare and ancient flowers in the morning when there are fewer people and to stop for a chat with the nursery owners.

Orticola flower show 2018

Corso Venezia


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