5 shops for book lovers in Dublin

1) The Library Project

A bit different from your usual bookshop, The Library Project specialises in photography and art publications, as well as cultural and critical Sternberg Press releases, architecture and design magazines. You’ll even find some Irish artworks here.

shop interior of the Library Project Dublin

2) Dubray Books

This is the Dublin flagship of independent booksellers Dubray Books. There’s a lot on offer here and the extremely helpful staff are specialists in their sections and always have plenty of suggestions. After a browse, why not take the stairs up to the nice cafe and enjoy a coffee.

Children's book at Dubray store in Dublin

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3) Connolly Books

Attached to the New Theatre there is this hip and arty-looking bookshop. Founded in 1932 and named after the republican and socialist leader James Connolly, it sells mostly Marxist material, feminist literature, philosophical and progressive books. A unique bookshop with a great lay-out.

connolly books

Sam Mellish

4) Marrowbone Books

Dublin was sorely lacking in secondhand bookshops – something a town can never have too many of. Then along came Marrowbone Books with its bright yellow façade and its interior reminiscent of your living room or an old Charing Cross bookshop. Cheap prices, a good range, an abundance of comfort and occasional literary/musical events.

marrowbone books

5) Chapters Bookstore

2022 brought new ownership for Chapters, but what hasn’t changed is the incredible array of special priced and secondhand books on offer. There is literally something for everyone. It’s a welcome return for one of Ireland's most beloved independent bookshops.

Chapters Bookstore in Dublin

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