5 places to enjoy some pub grub in Dublin

1) The Bull & Castle Bar

You can’t go wrong with a good ol’ American-style bar and restaurant. They have an excellent reputation for their dedication to the craft and the resulting tenderness and marbling in every slab of beef. There’s also a full bar to compliment every dish.

cozy interior of The Bull & Castle Bar

2) The Old Spot

Highly recommended in the Michelin Eating out in Pubs guide, this is so good it feels just like very fine dining... with a bar attached. It’s elegant and rustic. It’s beers and beef if you like. It’s seabass, cheeseboard and cocktails if you like. Either way, this is an exceptional gastropub.

restaurant interior of The Old Spot

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3) The Chop House

The Chop House, another award-winning gastropub, has only one thing on its mind and that’s the best possible beef it can source. It is a very relaxed place with soft leather sofas and lots of windows spilling slats of daylight across the wooden floors and bar stools. The menu is exemplary and reads, and tastes, like a Michelinstarred attraction.

interior The Chop House

5) L. Mulligan. Grocer.

Away from the fancy gastropubs now and back to what resembles your everyday Irish bar. Simply put, at L. Mulligan. Grocer., the basics are just very well executed. It’s a homely and comfortable place, there’s a huge variety of drinks and the food menu is always evolving. Try the black pudding Scotch egg and the lamb burger if you can. Sensational.

original façade of L. Mulligan Grocer in Dublin

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