5 memorable bridges to cross in Dublin

1) Ha'penny Bridge

This cast iron pedestrian bridge was built in 1816 traversing the River Liffey. The bridge replaced the ferries used to bring people from the south side to the north side of the river and back again. Originally there was a toll (of a ha-penny) to use the bridge but it’s long gone now.

Ha'penny Bridge

Linking Bachelors Walk (North) to Merchant’s Arch (South)

3) Seán O'Casey Bridge

This relatively modern swing bridge opened in 2005 for pedestrians and cyclists. It looks fantastic lit up at night with its rows of floor lights. It’s fascinating watching the swing movement in operation, which only happens for large ships to pass or for maintenance; the two legs swivel and pull the bridge apart, each half lining up parallel to the quays.

Seán O'Casey Bridge

Linking City Quay (South) to North Wall Quay

4) Anna Livia Bridge

Here’s a good old-fashioned, three-arched, four-legged stone bridge that has spanned the River Liffey since 1753. It was named after the character Anna Livia Plurabelle from James Joyce’s baffling novel Finnegan’s Wake. In the book she is described as the river woman and hence she’s the personification of the river itself.

 Anna Livia Bridge

Linking Lucan Road to Chapelizod Road

5) Synod Hall Bridge

Linking Christ Church to Dublinia over the traffic of Winetavern Street this bridge is unlike the others in this list as it’s an enclosed bridge. It’s short but it’s a really beautiful and unique piece of work. On each side there are circular and angular stained glass windows and there’s a vaulted roof with arching high beams.

Synod hall bridge in Dublin

Over Winetavern Street


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