Chat in comfy cafes in Iceland

1) Kaffi Klaustur

Housed in the cultural centre Skriðuklaustur – former quarters of the revered Icelandic author, Gunnar Gunnarsson – Kaffi Klaustur is one of East Iceland’s finest casual cafes. Focussed on providing excellent coffee and flavoursome regional cuisine, Kaffi Klaustur will leave no traveller hungry with their very generous daily lunch buffets. Expect such appetising offerings as Icelandic lamb, venison, bramble berries and sauteed mushrooms.

exterior of cultural centre Kaffi Klaustur

Skriðuklaustur, 701 Egilsstaðir

+354 471 2990

2) Grái Kötturinn / The Grey Cat

Those facing untimely arrivals to the city can do no better than Grái Kötturinn, a delightful stop to enjoy the early morning hours with a large cup of piping hot svart kaffi (black coffee). Guests seeking a hearty breakfast need look no further than the staple menu item, The Truck: American pancakes, potatoes, fried eggs, toast, bacon and tomatoes. Stopping by Grái Kötturinn is a nourishing way to begin your day exploring the city.

cozy cafe interior of Grái kötturinn

Ívar Eyþórsson

Hverfisgata 16-A, 101 Reykjavík

+354 551 1544

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3) Kattakaffihúsið

Cats, coffee and comfortable surroundings; Kattakaffihúsið has capitalised on the popularity of cat cafes abroad, allowing patrons the chance to stroke a furry friend as they sip on foamy lattes and creamy macchiatos. Kattakaffihúsið’s close working relationship with Iceland’s animal rescue service, Dýrahjálp, has provided these moggies with a second chance at life. Further compassion is evident in their vegan-friendly menu; such options as sourdough bread with grilled avocado or oat yoghurt with berry sauce can all be sampled here under the apathetic gaze of our feline overlords.

coffee and sweets at Kattakaffihúsið

Bergstaðastræti 10-A, 101 Reykjavík

4) Café Rosenberg

Boasting a warm and homely ambience, Café Rosenberg is split between two floors; the first is a stylish, spacious tearoom where cakes, sandwiches and hot coffee stand temptingly on display. The basement, on the other hand, caters as a quiet place to chat or study over a cold lager. Rosenberg is particularly known for its popular board game nights; chess and checkers, Dungeons & Dragons, Monopoly, Poker and so much more. Make sure to join in on the casual hijinks during one of your quieter nights in the capital.

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