5 bookshops to go to for english titles in Budapest

1) Atlantisz Könyvsziget

Budapest’s highbrow bookshop serves customers with academic interests and offers hundreds of Hungary-related titles in English. It’s a super nice shop with a gallery. The little wall space that’s not covered with shelves is decorated with old etchings of book worms – the actual insects. The great staff can order anything you might want.

interior of bookshop Atlantisz Könyvsziget

2) Bestsellers

A misleading name for a serious bookshop. It opened in a former grocery in 1992 and is owned by a jovial Egyptian-born immigrant called Tony Lang. It has a great website to order anything from anywhere in the world. Also an expat meeting place. Open on Sundays.

shelf with English books

V. Október 6. utca 11.

+36 1 312 1295


3) Massolit Books & Café

A quiet, idiosyncratic place in the middle of the busy, touristic Jewish district, with a name taken from a Bulgakov novel. There are several little spaces where you can chat or work, and in the foyer you’ll find a special

client shopping at Massolit book shop

VII. Nagy Diófa utca 30.

+36 1 788 5292


4) Rózsavölgy Bookshop

One of the oldest bookshops in town, named after a composer and music publisher. It moved to this location in 1911; unfortunately the original interior, was destroyed in a fire in 1963. They’re strong in music-related titles, scores and CDs. Upstairs there is a cafe that becomes a small theatre in the evening.

Rózsavölgy Bookshop

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