5 tempting ice cream parlors in Budapest

1) Artigiana Gelati

This was the first place to serve decent Italian ice cream in Budapest, in 1990. There are more than 40 flavours and the quality is always top-notch. Favourites are the pistachio, dark chocolate and cheesecake ice cream and also the lemon and pear flavours. There are options for lactose sensitive customers as well.

chocolate ice cream from Artigiana Gelati

XII. Csaba utca 8.

+36 1 212 2439

2) Nándori

A classic, family-run neighbourhood pastry shop since 1957. The place looks traditional but is in fact very innovative, catering to clients with various diets. Popular items on the long menu are ice-cream cakes and ice cream served in black cones. Watch out for your number.

Nándori ice cream parlour in Budapest

IX. Ráday utca 53.

+36 1 215 8776


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3) Valdocco

The name refers to the Torino suburb where the Salezian Order was founded. Mr Rüzsics, the owner, is a great supporter of that order, and that’s why this ice-cream parlour is the only one in Budapest where you’ll see a cross hanging on the wall. He offers about 50 varieties, the portions are super large.

Valdocco ice cream

V. Múzeum körút 7.

+36 1 318 6717

4) Gelarto Rosa

This shop is no secret: just look for the winding queue of ice-cream lovers in front of it. They love the rose-shaped presentation, but also the no-compromise approach when it comes to selecting ingredients, staff and technology. The place was launched by a lady with tons of energy, with the support of her French gourmet husband. They also run a small bistro nearby.

two ice creams from Gelarto Rosa

V. Szent István tér 3.

+36 70 383 1071


5) Erdős és Fiai

‘Erdos and Sons’ is located near Kelenföld station, away from the city centre. Norbert Erdős speaks Italian: he fell in love with gelati while working in Italy. It took him two decades to find the courage to open his own shop, designed by his wife. Their sons were too young then, but were nevertheless included in the name. Try the alcohol-flavoured varieties.

Erdős és Fiai in Budapest

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