The 5 most authentic ruin bars

1) Szimpla

When the word ‘ruin bar’ was thought up back in 2002, it was to describe this bar, housed in a temporarily unused, neglected building. It was launched by business students who didn’t have money to invest – hence the flea market and discarded furniture. Today it is still flourishing and it has even become a kind of shrine: the first of its kind, and a prelude of what was to come.

courtyard at Szimpla

VII. Kazinczy utca 14.

+36 20 261 8669

2) Ellátó Kert

The name of this usually not too crowded pub means ‘Provider’ – it’s a complicated hint to company names of the communist period. The food here (various taco and chicken courses) is better than next door, and the toilets are cleaner.

wall art at Ellato Kert

VII. Kazinczy utca 48.

+36 20 527 3018

3) Fogas

At the moment this place is the most complex ruin bar in town, bringing four originally separate places together (Fogas, Kert, Liebling, Lärm), with smaller and bigger interconnected spaces, a large dance floor and a garden. In 2017 also Instant moved to this complex. A labyrinth worth discovering.

interior of Fogas bar

VII. Akácfa utca 49–51.

+36 70 638 5040

4) Kuplung

‘Gear Box’ is housed in a converted former garage, and best known as a late-night music venue. Its often-changing décor still retains an old decoration at the ceiling: a whale out of cardboard and paper. “If you want to have some refreshment or eat something, release stress or put the pedal to the metal, we’re awaiting you at Kuplung.”

ruin bar Kuplung

VI. Király utca 46.

+36 30 755 3527

5) Anker't

This is the summer sister venue of Anker Club, with two courtyards and a giant video wall. People come here for the talented alternative DJs and the occasional slam poetry nights. A minimalist design was added to crumbling walls. The food is better than what you usually get in ruin bars.

outside area at Anker't

VI. Paulay Ede utca 33.

+36 30 360 3389


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