5 charming small squares and gardens in Budapest

1) Maria Tér

A little triangular square in inner Buda, with a baroque Pest-memorial from 1724 in the centre. There is also a themed playground here, which is all about Rumini, a little boy mouse who finds his vocation as a seaman on a seagoing ship. Also worth a visit is the tiny work

I. Mária tér

2) Csarnok tér

Behind the Parisian-like central food market hall there is this nice square with a secondhand shop, a quality wine shop and a large cafe. Let’s hope the large newly constructed hotel will not disrupt the scale of life here. Anyway, its arrival is good news for the classical and jazz music venue BMC just around the corner.

IX. Csarnok tér

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3) Kamermayer Károly tér

A nice, small square, tucked away in the Inner City, with a statue of the first mayor of unified Budapest, who gave the square its name. The centre of life here is Café Gerlóczy, on the ground floor of a small boutique hotel.

V. Kamermayer Károly tér

4) Horváth Mihály Tér

This square was named after the bishop and historian whose statue is near the church. His statue used to be on a far more central location in town, but the communists did not like him so much so they moved him to this spot. But what this square is really known for is the Fazekas grammar school and its specialised math classes: generations of great mathematicians graduated here.

Horváth Mihály Tér

VIII. Horváth Mihály tér

5) Károlyi kert

This large garden used to be closed; it was the private property of the owners of the adjacent aristocratic palace, which now houses the Museum of Literature. Today the romantic garden is open to the public and despite its central location, it is a peaceful place for a rest. You can find good coffee at the cafe just outside the fence, and some interesting galleries in the near.

Károlyi kert

V. Károlyi kert

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