The 5 best independent art galleries Ghent


Louis Pasteurlaan 2

+32 (0)9 267 01 91

This gallery has been located since 2010 in a former anatomy theatre inside the old Bijloke hospital. You may spend some time wandering through the warren of former hospital corridors before you find the place. Four shows are held in the striking Neo-Gothic interior.


Dendermondsesteenweg 80

+32 (0)9 223 39 53

Hidden down an alley in the Dampoort neighbourhood, Riot is one of the coolest art spaces in town. Located in a former beer bottling factory, it sells rare art books and magazines, organises edgy art exhibitions and publishes limited edition art books.


Lucas Munichstraat 76

It doesn't want to be a gallery. It definitely doesn't want to sell art. But Croxhapox has built up a solid reputation for showing exciting experimental art since it openend in 1990. Its programme includes music, film and poetry, as well as some edgy art.


Ottogracht 38

+32 (0)474 32 64 58


This small photographers' gallery puts on interesting and sometimes provocative exhibitions by Belgian and international photographers. Look out for the huge photograph sometimes hung from the front of the building to advertise the latest show.

Tatjana Pieters

Nieuwevaart 124/001

+32 (0)9 324 45 29

Tatjana Pieters exhibits contemporary artists in a stunning gallery space on the edge of town. She organises shows featuring experimental artists like Audrey Cotton, Philippe Van Snick and Derek Sullivan.

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